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Composer, performer and musician, born in Chitre, Panama native of Ocu.

Considered the cradle of folklore. Alfredo was Folk troubadour and professor at the National University of Panama for 7 years (1991 -1998) with the Faculty of Fine Arts. It was at this time that he started to represent his country in the International Folklore Festivals in South and Central America and Europe.

Alfredo Chávez in addition to being a composer plays percussion, guitar and is singer of popular music and Latin American Folklore. These rhythms include the tango, bolero, pasillo, waltz, cueca, joropo, cumbias, Son Goajira, Andean music, salsa, merengue, calixso and the popular romantic pop ballad. He also interprets part of his repertoire in other languages and dialects.

Alfredo is a producer of his own songs and has recorded 6 CD's of popular folk music. He has also written music for radio and television commercials and has conducted  groups like mariachis, trios and even his own orchestra "La Nueva Cumbia."

He has composed and produced songs for Panamanian artists of successful musical career such as Oswaldo Ayala, Sami and Sandra, “El Grupo Plumas”  and Dania Maria.

He currently lives in Seattle, USA  as an active musician in the local scene and continues his musical production for  various artists in Panama.

This year will launch its first production from the United States, which includes his own songs and the classics of Latin American repertoire.

Chávez is considered permanent cultural ambassador by the National University of the Republic of Panama.